What is the Meaning & Definition of woodcut

The engraving is one of the artistic techniques of the area of the plastic which is based on the marking designs on wood surfaces to then be printed using inks and paper. The woodcut is one of the oldest forms of art and today appears as a very genuine and different way of representing various symbols, images or situations.
The process by which is a wood engraving can range from relatively simple to complex. This is so because, unlike what happens with other arts such as painting or drawing, all types of prints (such as xylography, lithography - that which is performed on the presents - which runs on linoleum plates - or stone -) have two phases of work: first the drawing should be done on the selected material plate and then Once complete the design, it is covered with ink, so furrowed spaces and the relief will go on view since the ink, to be applied by roller, will remain only in the high reliefs. Then, this design is printed on a sheet, in fabric, in different surfaces through the pressure that is exerted on the wood when still this fresh. To remove the paper or the surface on which it is printed, obtained a copy of the design. In this sense, should be very careful since the image one obtained when printing will be inverted with respect to the original design since the action is given by a reflection of the image.
To more easily make the engraving, it is always advisable to use Woods that are firm but at the same time contain an element of plasticity and elasticity, which allows easier to work with the chisel or gouge but that doesn't completely destroy the wood grain. Woods most commonly used in this sense are the cherry or pear.
The interesting thing about the woodcut is that with a single plate already worked, one can perform countless impressions which, otherwise, as with painting, it would be much more complicated to play again and again. You can also clean the worked wood and change ink colors, thus achieving several reproductions of the same design in different shades and colors.
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