What is the Meaning & Definition of work in chain

Work chain consists of the manufacture of a good from the Assembly of different parts which will incorporate as they go through certain workplaces, in which each worker carry out a specific task.
To be noted, that the work chain is based on two issues, on the one hand, the incorporation of specialization and on the other hand the division of labor, to the production process.
Work in series, or also known as production chain, series production or manufacture in cuellar, was born in the 19th century, accompanied by a form of organization of work, as noted above, in which is delegated to each worker a specific and specialized function of good and that carry out also in machines developed for such purposes.
The production chain is viable because of what is called causal factors, which are those that ultimately bring you value to the production process.
Meanwhile, these causal factors will be those who agree to the obtaining of a product and these are: staff (they provide labour and economic and social relations among the workers in the enterprise, between enterprises and with the community, they will also demand training continues), physical infrastructure (fixed active calls from a company, such is the case of the machines used in the production process and the building in which the company operates) which will provide energy in the processes within the company. Require constant maintenance), materials (such as inputs that will be incorporated into production processes. Sue a temporary storage), methods (associated with the technology will be responsible for the creative contributions in improving the production of the company, such as: rules, regulations, procedures, records and instructions) and various (transactions between the different components of the chain and those necessary to the operation such as logistical support, financial support and the customer relationship).
Thanks to the implementation of the system has been significantly reduce the time of production of a good, situation that also will affect directly the reduction of the price of the good in question.
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