What is the Meaning & Definition of worker

The concept of worker is that which applies to all persons carrying out any work or remunerated activity. In many cases it can also be used in a general sense to refer to a person who is doing a specific job regardless of whether it is officially employed or not. The status of worker is one of the most important for the human being as an individual from the work and performance of a defined activity is that you can not only survive if not also possess identity, feel useful and develop particular skills.
The figure of the worker is one of the oldest in human societies, perhaps that was always regardless of the type of society which were. The worker may be any person who performs a work or a regular activity within a society, but it is not until the 18th century that such a concept will start to be associated almost exclusively with the labor sector and the humblest but most abundant society sectors: the common people. Workers employers, the owners of socio-economic resources and all sectors of society to oppose since then by having an important monetary flow, do not require exercise daily work and regular.
The worker sector has always been the most revolutionary society, that who always fought for their rights and to achieve improvements in their living conditions, despite not always achieve it. In modern societies, workers often grouped into guilds or unions which are organizations whose main objective is the defence and protection of the rights of every worker. Through him and through action by many Governments concerned for the welfare of this social sector is that workers have managed to develop important advances in their living conditions.
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