What is the Meaning & Definition of workshop

Workshop term refers to that space in which is a craft or type craft, as the Studio of a painter, a professional seamstress, elaboration of alfajores and a Potter, among other possibilities, although certainly the term can indicate other matters derived from the.
Workshop is the place of a factory in which there are certain tasks or operations, such as the workshop of welding repair of PCs in an enterprise or a factory.
Then we have the mechanical workshop, which is the precinct in which repaired damaged machines, although the denomination is mostly associated to car repair, a mechanical workshop also can specialize in repairing electrical appliances.
In the particular case of an automobile workshop, it may be official of a mark, for example, Mercedes Benz or even a free workshop, freed from any link to a brand.
In the field of education it is also common that we find workshops. In this sense workshop is a methodology which integrates theory and practice. It stands for a pre-eminence of research, teamwork and scientific discovery. Although in this context, a workshop can be a session of training or several days of duration, which focuses on the solution of problems or training activity, requiring participation active of his assistants.
On the other hand, in graphic arts, a workshop is the place in which they perform the tasks of pre printing and finishing.
And finally at the behest of the fine arts, architecture, painting and sculpture, the art school founded by a master of the specialty concerned, for example, Rubens, in painting workshop is called and which is formed by his disciples.

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