What is the Meaning & Definition of worship

The word venerate express the action of dispensing him great respect to someone or something as a result of the qualities that presents or by their virtues that are also worthy of praise and appreciation.
While the action is usually directed to the veneration of issues linked to the spiritual, is also usually applied the word when wanting to express the enormous admiration that can wake up a woman or a man because of her physical beauty. Juan does more than worship his mother, because she rescued him from the street and gave her a beautiful home. The beauty of Mary is worthy of worship.
Meanwhile, in the field of religion, the term that concerns us is particularly important since it refers to the worship of a faithful, a believer in certain religious doctrine, pays to the sacred, sacred meaning to certain figures, objects, personalities, among others.
At the behest of the Roman Catholic Apostolic religion and Orthodox, to name just some beliefs, it seems to be a recurrent practice the veneration of Saints, i.e., persons who have gone to immortality for magnificent actions carried out in life, miracles and charity works, among others, and they were beatificadas by the Church, i.e. the ecclesiastical institution recognized them officially as saints.
Among the most prominent and notable cases excels that of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, who is one of the saints of the Catholic religion more veneration receives among the Catholic faithful of the whole world.
Then, that faithful can indeed worship their Saints, there are, in the churches, the most outstanding cases, figures that represent their physical features and also some signs and objects that include them.
The term which we are discussing presents an important variety of synonyms, among which stands out the worship that it is without a doubt that we apply more in place when it is necessary. Because also admire is to lavish him with a remarkable esteem to something or someone.
The concept that is opposed to the Revere is to despise, because it is the opposite, have little appreciation for someone or something.
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