What is the Meaning & Definition of WWW

The WWW, short for World Wide Web, is the worldwide global network of exchange of documents through commonly known as Internet hypertext.
For computers, the World Wide Web is a system of information and documents linked through hypertext and hypermedia which can be accessed through the Internet, more specifically, with a web browser.
In 1989 Tim Berners Lee and Robert Cailiau, two researchers at CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) created the Web, then engaged in the development of the different standards and Web scenarios from his invention.
The operation of the Web occurs through web browsers (the most common, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari). The user can display the content contained in web pages and sites by entering a URL in the given field. Thus, you have access to text, images, videos, audio and all types of content, and navigate among multiple units of content using hyperlinks that lead you through simple clicks.
The "www" is now a global standard that the majority of web sites include as part of their address and that it is necessary to enter and navigate the Web. While the Internet is not simply the exchange of information and content through web sites, it is perhaps one of the most widespread uses of this technology.
Easily, any user can not only access but generate their own content to be published on the WWW using free and fast applications that allow for Exchange of information to and from all parts of the world using the same navigation Protocol. The "www" is closely linked with the "http" Protocol ". net", "jsp", "php" and "asp", among others.
To facilitate navigation and search information on the Web, there are the so-called search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, which allow a user to enter a term of interest and receive as result hundreds of thousands of web sites related to that concept or keyword.
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