What is the Meaning & Definition of xenophobia

The word xenophobia is popularly used to account for hatred, distrust, hostility and rejection which a person or group with respect to an individual or a group.
But, also, the word tends to be used to formally nominate the type of phobia that can have someone towards ethnic groups other than their own or people whose social, political and cultural physiognomy is unknown.
As well as with racism, xenophobia, can be classified as an ideology of the rejection, which will tend to the social exclusion of those who do not share the same cultural identity. Only differ from the racism that this does not imply a sense of racial or cultural superiority, although as it, too, announced the cultural segregation, that Yes, will accept immigrants and foreigners provided they comply with assimilation socio-cultural they argue and propose.
The arguments on which rests xenophobia, such as religious, historical, cultural prejudices or user already thought, always tend to justify the total and mandatory separation of different ethnic groups with the sole purpose of thus not "corrupt" their own culture and encourage in this way to the identity that the otherwise would be seriously resentful. For example, in the case of some communities, both their own and those defenders wishful thinking of them, tend to wield, to justify the prohibition from entering their territories, which in this way are avoiding them, still some issues, pure intoxiquen the worst of human beings.
Also, xenophobia, rejected and excluded those aliens that they have made a very little integration in the country whom he emigrated. In this case could wield responsibility on both sides, on the one hand, those who come and who do not show interest in joining to new customs and on the other hand, native villagers displayed little hospital, removing foreigners desire to participate more actively and also feel owners of the country.
The economic and social crisis suffered by some countries towards the end of the 20th century was something like a starting point for the release of the most brutal aggressive manifestations of xenophobia that could see reflected, from the most innocent graffiti and posters, to attack melee between various groups in which armed violence was the common denominator.
Some concepts poured from the dome of a Government, and sometimes even spills from the media, which are usually presented customs and foreign cultures as super size miss me and worthy of the greatest care, contribute to arouse xenophobic feelings among the population to which they belong.
According to certain psychological currents that have studied the issue of the origin of xenophobia, it would be due to a distortion of perception and that those who suffer it makes them overvalue greatly 
their culture, their race, their tradition above all others.

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