What is the Meaning & Definition of youth violence

Violence is contrary to the ethical behavior that every human being must take as a citizen who respects himself but which also respect social standards and to his fellows. I.e., violence breaks with social producing discomfort system standards. Violence can be analysed from different points of view.
The situation of adolescents in school
A matter of concern is youth violence. Within this theme, the bullying is a serious issue of our time who, as a result of new technologies acquires new forms and nuances through cyberbullying in the network. Youth violence is the Act through which is damage to a third party through a deliberate and conscious act. There are various forms of violence more than the physical plane, the serious humiliation can also be a form of violence when he ridicules a person and you despise him mercilessly.
Youth violence is that which is between 15 and 25 years. There are different causes that can influence the violent nature of young people, every case is different, therefore, a case of violence youth is important to analyze the case individually because each person is unique and unrepeatable.
Important aspects of youth violence
In general terms, yes there are some factors to consider:
1. the family
The family atmosphere that has grown the young must be taken into account. In some cases, when young people have seen some kind of aggressive attitude in parents can repeat patterns of behavior.
2 addictions
In other cases, the problems of youth violence are also associated with problems of addiction to drugs or alcohol. A person suffering an addiction has lost control of his own life. It is important to educate young people with adequate information to prevent possible addiction. It is essential to teach young people to say no to drugs.
3. persons with whom one is surrounded
Bad companies can exert a very negative pressure in a young person who is in a period of life in which it is very susceptible to the opinions of others. For this reason, it is very important that parents know their children's friends and know what is usually their routines of leisure.
The fundamental role of parents
Adults must position itself clearly to identify possible cases of youth violence in common scenarios such as the school, for example. In order to protect the victim, but also, in order to be able to help a young violent to redirect his life.
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