What is the Meaning & Definition of Technophilia

Technophilia is a term formed by the Greek concepts of techne and phlia, etymologically signifying technique and friendship or hobby. In this way, the Technophilia would be in its strict sense his love of technology, the idea of philia as a hobby are highlights in words such as Philately (fondness for seals), but must be taken into account that phlia is also used to express a pathology about something (pedophilia, for example).
In the case of Technophilia, it could be understood in two directions, either as a hobby or as obsession, although we will focus on the pathological dimension.
Who has Technophilia is interested in technology in a disproportionate way, which manifests itself in a series of behaviors: the impulse to acquire the latest technology tip, a number of hours over to using electronic devices, inability to not use devices throughout the day and, ultimately, a degree of obsession and dependence on the technological. The opposite of the Technophilia would be technophobia and both behaviors have a psychological problem, since you likes them and phobias in exaggerated version become real psychological problems.

What could be behind the Technophilia

When an individual has an addiction to technological devices we're talking about a problem, similar to that of people with other addictions and mental. It must be borne in mind that the concept of addiction basically depends on the degree of dependence on something (a moderate level would be normal, a higher level be termed mania and addiction occurs when it is widely exceeded normal parameters).
The various psychological currents considered one filia or a phobia can be a symptom of a real problem. Thus, the Technophilia could be caused by low self-esteem (purchase a new device to calm internal unrest). The cause could also be an attempt to escape from reality and does not deal with the real issues (someone will introduce the world of computing as a form of escapism).
Behind the Technophilia an emotional misfit, depression or even a severe mental disorder could also hide. The Technophilia is, therefore, external conduct that occur as uncontrolled attitude should be treated psychologically. Proper psychological treatment can change the obsessive behavior (for example, with a behavioral therapy) or you analyze the unconscious causes that explain the addiction by technology (as it would from a psychoanalytic approach).
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