What is the Meaning & Definition of Testimonial

Life is lived in the first person, i.e., every human being collects a series of experiences and memories in his heart that can attest to the others. These experiences that have a testimonial character when shared with others are very enriching to enhance knowledge. For example, through a testimonial message a person can access events that occurred but not to live them firsthand.
In the family context, intergenerational communication between grandparents and grandchildren shows the value that has the dialogue among people of different generations which can enrich each other through this personal experience.

Ways to give testimony

On the other hand, a person not only can give testimony to a fact determined through his word but also using other resources of expression, for example, by writing a book. This occurs, for example, in the case of an autobiography that shows highlights data from the life of an artist and his experiences. A testimonial is marked by subjectivity describe an experience from the point of view of the protagonist.

Express yourself through a letter or other means

On the other hand, a person may also give testimony of an experience determined through a letter in which it expresses his interlocutor a message. In this way, the recipient of the letter becomes aware of the testimony of the issuer, internalize a message and knows a fact although I have not lived in first person. However, it relies on the other. In this type of communication, it is important to have confidence in the person who expresses a particular message, otherwise, it is possible to doubt the alien testimony.
It is also possible to give witness to the life of another person. For example, Plato gave life through their dialogues to the figure of Socrates who was his teacher. Thanks to Plato, is has been able to discover more in depth the thinking of one of the most important authors of Greek thought. This is precisely one of the objectives of this type of communication: to spread the message of a person.

How to bear witness to something

When a person gives testimony of something you want to show that that particular fact is true. Therefore, to vouch for the information, a person has to be sure that it is true and be faithful to the truth.
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