What is the Meaning & Definition of verisimilitude

It will be considered just as credible when you have true appearance, therefore, is something credible is credible since it does not lead to falsehood.
Although eye, something that is credible is not impossible as this may be false in some cases, however, to be regarded as credible will finally match the context in which received this rating.
I don't know if what John had to say really happened, anyway, it sounded quite plausible.
In an artistic work such as a book, a movie or a television series, the likelihood it will be mostly linked to coherence within the own universe that forwards the same, i.e., there is no confusing the plausible with the real or true, in a work that is representing by actors none of what is happening there is real It is part of a fiction and that is clear to everyone, while the likelihood is given by the congruence between the story and that as viewers we perceive. A character who suddenly, good first, long to fly, obviously, won't be for nothing credible.
So, in this context the likelihood will have to do with respect for the internal rules of the work in question; the viewer knows exactly what in this case is consistent with all other reality but he also knows that you it's something unreal or fantasy.
To achieve verisimilitude, the author must follow certain rules imposed by the own genres and also some others that it is autoimponga. For example, in a cartoon when a character who falls from a cliff and then continues as if nothing had happened in the next scene, we see such image it will be us plausible for that genre, which would be unlikely in the animated world is that that same character see it lying injured on the floor.
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