What is the Meaning & Definition of translation

The word translation can be used to refer to a profession through which is passed a text or written document from one language to another (in many cases the translation can also occur in spoken language). It can also be used to designate the already translated document that works as an object of interest. The activity of translation is a very ancient activity that exists since human beings communicate in different languages that make a community. Both oral and written documents translation has enabled human beings develop relationships of different kinds between cultures simultaneously as also those that no longer exist and that have only left written documents.
Translation is an activity that requires, of course, that the person making it has knowledge of two or more languages to be translated so that you can meet properly the meanings of both. To carry out in a professional manner this activity necessary traductorado races specific to each education system, but learning another language in addition to the mother allows a person understand and analyze different texts that were written in that non-native language. In the process of translation it is important know and take into account the structure of the language to be translated in order to not fall into the trap of trying to use the second language as a translation Guide.
While the translation is used today more than anything from the workplace and of the legal, at different times has served so that specialists in activity could know the true meaning of important texts and historical documents that had been written in ancient languages and which allowed, from your translation, know cultures such as the Egyptian representative elements , the Greek, the different civilizations of Mesopotamia, China and Japan, to name a few.

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