What is the Meaning & Definition of Videocurriculum

Increasingly there are more ways to find work.
The traditional resume is updated little by little to the beat of new technologies as shown in the formula of the videocurriculum that replaces the value of the paper as a means to detail professional information to make way for the video as effective means to communicate in a more direct way the personal and professional qualities to potential enterprises within a selection process.
The videocurriculum is the means chosen by many candidates to submit their CV on its own initiative to potential companies.
A video of presentation
The duration of this video should not be greater than 3 or 4 minutes. The economy is a factor that should be considered since the human resources recruiters receive daily many applications.
What is the appeal of this type of curriculum? Allowing greater differentiation with respect to the competition.
Another advantage of a videocurriculum is offering information about the candidate that is not reflected in the written curriculum: social skills, body language and manners.
It shows the social skills
It reflects a modern and dynamic image of the candidate who reflects their social skills to enhance the active search for employment. It also conveys the image of a self-confident person.
This video presentation is valuable to reinforce personal branding: in the active search for employment, there is also a personal marketing by that candidate must show their positive skills for a job.
One of the most common fears braking making a correct presentation video is fear of speaking in public. There are public speaking courses that may be very positive to provide greater security in its own candidate to overcome the most common fears to make a presentation: fear of ridicule, fear of failure or even a negative anticipation of reality.
It's a media professional and direct very adapted to the globalised society in which the factor time and space is reduced thanks to the interaction that produces internet. A video image provides a greater closeness and emotional closeness since as they say from a colloquial point of view "a picture is worth a thousand words".
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