What is the Meaning & Definition of replacement

Replacement involves replacing a thing or one person by others that serve the same function as those who move or change.
I.e., a car can be replaced by another which is better, a person who has decided to quit his job by another professional who applies to fill the post that will leave vacant; at the behest of the team sports it may be substituted for a player who is injured or is not performing as you expect on the other that a priori suppose a better performance for the team and to ideas that are not already be effective can be replaced by new ones that ensure beneficial results in the short term.
On the other hand and at the behest of chemistry refers to reaction replacement in those cases in which one or several atoms are replaced by other atoms, for example, an electrophilic aromatic substitution is a common reaction in organic chemistry in which an atom of hydrogen, attached to an aromatic system is replaced by an electrophile group; This reaction will allow to prepare aromatic compounds substituted through a huge variety of functional groups.
Meanwhile, on the right is designated replacement appointed heir or Devisee who is replacing another. The notary formalized the replacement of the heirs of Juan Albornoz.
Linguistic replacement, on the other hand, is a linguistic process that usually lasts several generations and that basically consists of the fact that a town changes its linguistic code and replaces it with another town, leaving fully speak their original language.

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