What is the Meaning & Definition of psychokinesis

Ability to move objects with the mind and without the use of physical force

Telekinesis, or also known as telekinesis, is a term that is used at the behest of parapsychology to designate that capability that presents a person and allowing you to move, move objects only through his mind and without the mediation of any force or visible energy. In some circumstances you can presence of a medium, have as it is called to the one which is considered to possess paranormal powers and allow you to communicate with spirits or mediate in other phenomena.

Believers vs. opponents

As it is a phenomenon that many argue and say but that no has been demonstrated scientifically is that it has always been reduced to the level of the paranormal.
Just as there are many who support and believe in telekinesis, such is the case of parapsychology which also confirms its existence, there are many others that they disbelieve this possibility that someone with his mind moves something, an object for example, heavy as, who do not believe in this regard as phonies and liars who say do it.
The concept was developed by the Russian philosopher and expert on practical spiritualists Alexander N. Aksakof, in the 19th century, and from it opened a huge door since the issue began to be addressed by more people and of course increased your belief despite detractors.

Very approached theme in the literature and the mass media

Beyond proven or not, beliefs and what is not believed for nothing, we must say that the telekinesis is a phenomenon that has always attracted a lot of attention in the whole world. Proof of this is that it has been very dealt in fantasy literature and also in television programs and in films.
If we have to choose a proposal of entertainment to reflect this phenomenon, that is no doubt the American writer Stephen King novel Carrie and that it was adapted to the film on several occasions.
There, Carrie, is a young student living repressed and tormented by her mother and also by their classmates plaguing it. Suddenly, Carrie, discovers that she has telekinetic powers and will begin them to use against those who destrataron it in the school generating a tremendous massacre in his village.
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