What is the Meaning & Definition of suppression

There are defense mechanisms that a person uses to protect themselves from a concrete reality and cope with a situation. A possible defense mechanism is suppression.
Founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud is one of the thinkers who put more attention to the study of excision. Excision is a strategy used by the mind, a defense mechanism, to avoid thoughts that may be uncomfortable or annoying to an emotional dilemma, for example.

A mechanism behind which hide

Thus, excision may also be a way of avoiding a situation taking into account that every thought produces a feeling and at the same time, all feeling is reflected in action. The concept of repression is very similar to the term suppression, however, there is an important nuance that differentiates the first psychological concept of the second. When a person suppresses a thought, then, made him unconscious, i.e. is unaware of the truth of what happens. However, when a person suppresses a particular thought, yes that is aware that is trying ignore a thought determined according to a particular purpose.

Control the thoughts to move away from the negative

Therefore, through suppression, the person exercises specific control over itself. The power of suppression can be especially effective in certain context. For example, to combat the negative thought. In that case, the person can train the habit of consciously change negative thinking by another positive that is alternative and whose message is more hopeful.

Run away from the problems and fears not solves them

Similarly, in the case of a certain fear, you can practice the exercise for a pause in thinking, i.e. leave blank mind to free the mind of the concerns and recover the positive energy. Every human being fight of their own fears and insecurities.
However, the suppression is not the magic potion of human happiness because there are experts who are also running risks that you may have to turn its back on a certain reality since those thoughts that you want to ignore, sometimes, may sprout harder still. As in the case of repression, all that is repressed may tend to emerge more strongly still, for example, in dreams.
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