What is the Meaning & Definition of subtraction

Child abduction is a term to which we give two uses in our language.
On the one hand, it's the word we use when we want to give an account of the event of the theft or larceny that someone suffered. I suffered the theft of my wallet in the underground. Therefore, the word is one of the most used terms just as synonymous with the words I steal and theft.
And on the other hand, at the behest of math, subtraction is one of the arithmetic operations along with the addition, multiplication, and division and from which it is plausible to obtain the difference that exists in two proposed amounts. Likewise, known popularly as subtracts, and symbolizes it from the sign-.
The procedure from which it is plausible to obtain that aforementioned difference is to present certain amount, for example 9, removed a part of it, such as 3, and then the result of the phase-out, which in this case would be 6, is the rest, while the names of the first number and the second are minuend and subtrahend, respectively.
As well as in the operation of addition or addition, the minuend to be located it is above the subtrahend, organizing the numbers in question in columns, going right to left and ordered according to units, tens, hundreds, and thousands.
It is important to take into consideration some issues that influence the result of the subtraction such as: in the event that the digit of the minuend is smaller with respect to the subtrahend must joining ten units; If the minuend is zero you will be considered to be a ten, instead if 0 is in the place of the subtrahend there isn't any modification.
It is possible to checking the result of this operation by adding to the result obtained with the subtrahend. If the minuend is confirmed then, operation will be properly made.
Note that the inverse to the subtraction operation is addition or addition, which of course occurs contrary action Add or add numbers to know what is the result of the sum of them.
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