What is the Meaning & Definition of surveillance

In its broader use, surveillance means action and the result of watch something or someone.
Meanwhile, in the same way it appoints system organized and trained to carry out the action monitor.
Basically, surveillance, consists in the monitoring of the behavior of people, objects or processes which are inserts within a given system with the aim of detecting those who interfere with the conformity of regulations, desired or expected.
Although, as mentioned, the term is used recurrently to refer to all those forms of observation and monitoring, not only visual, but, anyway, the visual will always be the icon and the most effective in the majority of cases.

To carry out effective surveillance, both a public and private level, i.e., both in public spaces as squares, bathrooms, government agencies as in companies, museums, shopping centers, among others, the implementation of a closed television circuit turns out to be an ideal alternative allowing to watch wide spaces of simultaneously and without anything to escape from view.
But the circuit closed by teve does not turns out to be the only method but there are many, more or less technology that complement each other and help, such as secret eavesdropping, wiretapping, directional microphones, micro cameras, GPS tracking, military reconnaissance, aerial recognizes, computing devices, watching through binoculars, interception of correspondence, tracking, among the most used.
For both forces which are responsible for ensuring the safety of a nation to companies involved in providing security to its customers, surveillance is a really useful tool to carry out its purposes.
In recent years, and especially in those places that worth hosting, by people who reside there or simply because the feeling of insecurity has intensified, has increased significantly the number of companies that are exclusively dedicated to providing private security services.
Clinical surveillance, on the other hand, turns out to be the monitoring of those diseases or public indicators related to health, such as symptoms that anticipate bio terrorist actions, carried out by epistemologists and health professionals.
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