What is the Meaning & Definition of vulnerability

The human being, in essence, is vulnerable. I.e., is full of strengths but also of weaknesses. In terms of strengths, the human being has ability of overcoming, moments of courage, ability to take risks, intelligence, strength of will, maturity...
However, at the level of the weaknesses that are those that become vulnerable to a human being, any person must also fear loneliness, moments of sadness, internal doubts, internal struggles, insecurities, moments of discouragement... The people have strengths and weaknesses because curiously, are the weaknesses which enable the overcoming personal as a motor.
A constant discussion of strengths and weaknesses
We live in a balance of strengths and weaknesses constants. For example, a person who has fallen in love is happy to live this stage with enthusiasm, but at the same time, opening the door to love also discovers the vulnerability that causes the fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, or vertigo that something goes wrong. In addition, people are also vulnerable because although we'd like to keep it all under control, in reality, it is impossible to plan it all to the millimeter.
Fear to what might happen in the future, when in truth nobody knows it
In fact, no one can predict what will happen in the future and that also causes of vulnerability. One of the biggest fears that turns human beings into someone vulnerable is the fear of death to produce moments of anguish in the human heart that he has to assimilate the incomprehensible death is surrounded by mystery.
The vulnerabilities are a response to feelings
People we are vulnerable because we have feelings, i.e. are not machines that feel or suffer. To have feelings, we may feel wounded by another person. Any person has a point weak, it ideal is that through the self-knowledge can discover what is your greater fear, i.e., your greater vulnerability to to correct it through the intelligence emotional and a plan of action.

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