What is the Meaning & Definition of technocracy

Political system that promotes the presence of technicians in the management of the State

The concept of technocracy has a use extended within the scope of the policy since it is possible to designate the political system that promotes the presence and prevalence in the governance of technicians, and of course also the implementation of technical standards in the policies to develop through it.
According to technocracy then, the success of governance will be marked by this issue: the presence of efficient technicians in charge of the State, meanwhile, problems that arise should be settled through the scientific method and not by ideological way.

Moves to the ideology

In the technocracies, government policies are guided by science, by scientific knowledge especially, being displaced in this sense ideology. Any policy that you want to implement or problems to solve, will be covered in empirical data and not the beliefs that imposes the ideology.

Businessmen and industrialists are the best people to lead the Government

Technocracy is a proposal that emerged in the nineteenth century. Meanwhile, the Industrial Revolution had much interference in its development since it imposed with great force among philosophers and intellectuals of this time that technicians and entrepreneurs who controlled the means of production were the successful people and were more capable of carrying out a Government, because they knew exactly how carry the economy and lead the society.
The philosopher and theoretician French Claude-Henri de Rouvroy, also known as count of Saint-Simon, was the pioneer in exposing this idea in one of his literary productions.
Now, beyond this impulse that has been properly we must say that this political system was not essential in a way specific and total ever, and the participation of technicians at the behest of a Government only observed by the task of advising on any issue of which are specialists, but management and decisions the politicians and not technicians continue taking them.

Currently the technocrats advising constituents

Nowadays it is very common that politicians of strain are advised by experts from various areas. This gives them wisdom in his decisions and proposals but not away the ideological proposal that hold.
And also to the Group of technicians and specialists who make up the ruling class of a nation referred to as technocracy.
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