What is the Meaning & Definition of victimization

The concept of victimisation is present from the idea of victim and victimizer. We start by defining the victim as a person suffering the attack or the negligence of another person. The victim may be a victim of physical abuse, verbal abuse, psychological abuse. However, the concept of victimization is opened a little this definition since it is already a certain degree of exaggeration on the condition that a person determines for herself (or that others determine it) to consider victim in situations that do not necessarily involve it. For specialists in psychology, the victimization is a condition of the mental health of a person from which that person see itself as the center of all the attacks and attacks that can exist in a human relationship. For many the victimization is a form of attention on itself but in a negative way. Unlike someone who draws attention to itself from elements that considered positive, victimization is a negative view on the reality that the person concerned suffers.
It is important then to differentiate the concept of victim of the victimization since the second it implies, as we said before, a degree of exaggeration or lack of reality on the specific situation. Thus, it is undeniable that a person who suffers an abuse, as for example a woman violence of her husband, is a victim. But if the husband uses the term victimization to refer to his wife instead of talking about a victim itself, I would be wanting to say that you exaggerated the situation to focus too on the suffering of one's self (regardless of reality).
Victimization can become a problem both for the person and for others as and insofar as it implies a vision altered or not true in reality. Thus, a person who is permanently victimizes suffer by actions or ways of communicating that they are considered normal for the rest of the people. It also shows a high susceptibility and this can definitely cause problems if the situation does not warrant concern or exaggeration of a particular Act.
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