What is the Meaning & Definition of transsexual

As a general trend, humans are identified with their own sex. This means that the man feels masculine and feminine women. This idea does not happen in all cases. In fact, there are women who have a biology and feminine appearance, but men feel inwardly and, conversely, men with a female inside. When there is a mismatch between the biology and the interior of the own sexuality experience a case of transsexuality is manifested.
The transsexual person originally has a conflict of identity, since he was born with a sexual condition but the desire to be of the opposite sex is developing with the passage of time. There is a way to resolve this internal contradiction: that the same person is transformed into another with different sex. It should not be forgotten that the term transsexual comes, precisely, of the idea of transformation applied to the sexual condition.
From a medical perspective, give up the own sexuality to incorporate the opposite is something known as sex reassignment. This process involves a treatment complex, which addresses individual psychological issues, held a series of hormonal changes and in some cases there is surgery to alter the genitalia and make man into woman or vice versa.
The psychological and physiological question is not the only transsexual person do you face when you decide to change sex, as a sex change involves bureaucracy and, especially, an adaptation to the new sexual role.

Chase to the acceptance

Transgender people have been persecuted to the long history and in the some cultures continue to be a few "Weirdos" that can end up in prison. The transsexual collective has asserted their rights as individuals and they have struggled to be accepted as normal in the society. Fortunately transsexuality is best understood from a scientific point of view (in the majority of cases is associated with hormonal imbalances), which slowly creates a better understanding in the whole of society.
The transsexual is not a pervert, a vicious or a patient. It is a human being whose sexuality has not followed the course of most. Before this exceptional fit two positions: 1) of those who consider that there is an order of nature that must not be altered and, therefore, transgender people are people against nature itself and 2) that transgender people are not better or worse that others simply need to form part of the opposite sex to feel better in your own body.
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