What is the Meaning & Definition of Temperamental

Applies the temperamental term especially to people who act according to their natural temperament, i.e. without filter or without measuring the consequences. The human being is a social guy that always lives within a community of peers and as such, respects greater or lesser measure rules and guidelines that have to do with living together. These guidelines often pose to placate the temperament or the true personality to each person in order to avoid conflicts, disputes and fights with others.
A temperamental individual is a person who is carried away by his temperament, that does not filter its actions and, as it is guided by a deep emotionality (which may be both positive and negative), usually not granted too much space to rational or streamlined conduct of consciously. A temperamental person is then someone who acts according to his impulses without measuring the consequences, which may show much anger or joy without finding a midpoint.
In common language, the concept of temperamental (which is an adjective of qualifying type) relates more than anything with a somewhat negative behaviors, i.e., abruptly violent, aggressive or disruptive. While all the feelings in excess may be characteristic of a temperamental person, that gets angry too much, showing aggressiveness or violence is usually characterized as such.
Temperamental people tend to have problems to live peacefully with others and this has to do directly with the fact of not acting rationally and let yourself be carried away by emotions. Someone temperamental can be exceedingly honest, aggressive and violent and that makes in its coexistence with others, to establish relations little lasting or very conflicting. In addition, a temperamental individual tends to show little patience and tolerance to the interests or tastes of others if those interests are not shared.
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