What is the Meaning & Definition of testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone by excellence and such question is that when you pronounce it, immediately, is linked to the male sex. This sex hormone contributes in the development of the sex organs of men, penis, testicles, and also in the emergence of secondary characteristics associated with masculinity, is clear. Thus, for example, libido that is desire sexual that a man says and feels, the status of semen, muscle mass, the emergence of Granites especially in puberty and adolescence, the hair on the body, violence and force, among other signs well particular of males, will depend on exclusively this hormone.
Meanwhile, it is precisely in the testicles of men which produces this hormone and we must indicate satisfactory operation is essential when it comes to the normal development of male genitalia as well so that they are appropriately developed as the rest of the features that define the males.
If the normal or expected levels of testosterone are not conform the development of internal and external genital it is complicated. Already since the fetus begins to develop in the mother's belly will begin to produce androgen synthesis, in the meantime, if it is not correct or sufficient development can be feminine or remain undefined.
Testosterone, for example, the classes is then within the hormones steroids of the androgen group because it is a male hormone and is comprised of 19 carbon atoms.
Its synthesis is feasible through cholesterol and as we noted already is hosted on most important cells of the testes.
Its maximum level of secretion occurs at the behest of puberty, i.e., when the male reaches eleven years of age approximately.
It is a very important hormone levels must be in normal seen because otherwise it can happen disadvantages of health as: early or late puberty or sexual impotence in men already developed, meanwhile, a concrete and effective way to check their levels is through a laboratory blood test.
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