What is the Meaning & Definition of transformer

In general terms by transformer you refer to that particular issue or situation produces a transformation on an object or individual, as applicable.
Generally, in the current language, people often refer to such or such thing was transformative when it exerted a certain adjustment or change in the course of their lives in a positive sense and then as a result, for example, could overcome any issue that even that experience was certainly adverse or prevented its proper development, almost, almost like an obstacle that prevented him from achieving full happiness.
For example, a book, meet a person that holds and promotes a deep spirituality, discover the passion for some task, among other issues, are sometimes considered as transformers.
But, on the other part and running us a little of the spiritual side and staying to a more objective ground, concrete and technical, transformer also refers to the electrical appliance that is regularly used to convert high voltage and of weak current in low voltage and high current or vice versa.
Which allows us to this electric machine is basically increase or decrease voltage in an electrical circuit, but always maintaining the frequency, meanwhile, in an ideal case, the power that enters will be equal to the power coming from the team and if there is a small loss this will depend on the size or the design that the machine in question.
Structurally, a simple transformer consists of two coils wound on a closed iron core.

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