What is the Meaning & Definition of descriptive text

Text describing in detail an event, person, item...

In communication the text occupies a preferential place which is the basic and most used to communicate in oral or written way way. Meanwhile, the descriptive text is the text that is characterized by the presentation of an adjusted meticulous description of an event, person, landscape, place, or element, among so many other plausible be described alternatives.

Enumeration of the characteristics

Outgoing and frequent, then, in this kind of text is the identification and enumeration of the characteristics which boasts what is the subject of the communication. The singularities and particulars surrounding an event, person, item, landscape, among others are the core and center of these texts.
Case is that the descriptive texts tend to abound in qualifying adjectives awarded him inevitably to the text a very subjective bias, something that such will not occur in a narrative text that is highlighted by the narration of facts or events, simply.
When we want to explain how is someone or something, when we realize the type of feeling that a person awakens us, among others, this type of text we use because it is the best way that there is communication of particularities.

Technical description and literary description

Although the detailed description and attribution of adjectives adjectives in abundance stained to the text of a greater subjectivity, must say that also we could find with texts that report with rigor and precision the physical characteristics with which the text will be rather objective, or in these does not intervene the personal view of the author or speaker.
The first trend is called technical description because abundant data and technical details and a rather cold language, while the second is called literary description and it will send the subjectivity and a flowery language, which is covered by pleasing and cause a pleasant feeling through words.
The aim and main objective of this type of text is that the recipient obtains a finished and well real representation of that which is the subject of the description.
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