What is the Meaning & Definition of teleconference

A conference call is a communication between several people who stays away through various technological devices.
It is called teleconference or videoconference to that conversation happening through phones with video, webcams or other remote devices.
There are different ways to conduct a teleconference, but in all cases there is a purpose to overcome a distance communication, saving time and money, and allowing all the same comforts and benefits than a face-to-face communication.
Also spoken of teleconferencing when, regardless of the inclusion of video images, there are more than two participants connected in the same conversation.
The most common case until not long ago is the conversation which was held through a complex system of cameras and video monitors located at two or more points of emission and reception of the message. Thus, persons accessing a filmed communication.
Later, created the telephone devices capable of filming and reception of images. If well not so popular because of its cost, they were very helpful when developing dialogues between relatives living away or working level or business.
These fixed with camera phones were most recently replaced by cell phones that include a photo and video camera incorporated to these effects.
Finally, the most common case is currently on the teleconference which takes place over the Internet. In this case, it is only necessary to have a webcam or web camera and a microphone for these purposes. Various more or less economic (or even free) software such as Skype, allow you to hold conversations with image from and to anywhere in the world at all times. At the same time, many computers, specifically laptops, have integrated camera, which start a teleconference is a practice increasingly simple and efficient.
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