What is the Meaning & Definition of trafficking of persons

A human being is a being endowed with immense dignity, each person is unique in the world, a person has the intelligence and will, it is worthy of love, admiration and respect. Every human being has rights and duties at the social level. Rights which are founded precisely on the personal dignity and the natural law.
When are the rights of a person stolen
However, sadly, the rights can be violated and trampled, what happens when it undergoes a person instrumental use and is relegated to the level of an object. Trafficking in persons is a crime that shows the instrumentalisation of a human being when it violates their freedom, their decision making capacity and well-being. Human trafficking is an illegal offence in the twenty-first century showing the suffering of those who are subjected to sexual exploitation, forced labour or slavery. Trafficking in persons is exercised through some type of violence, coercion, threat, abuse of power to exercise control over the victim through fear to establish a relationship of subjection.
A global problem
The rights of a human being are essential according to their well-being, dignity and full development as person happiness. Trafficking in persons is a worldwide problem, is therefore a social responsibility to protect the rights of the most vulnerable groups. Trafficking also affects children who in some cases can be subject to child begging.
A form of slavery
Trafficking shows a form of slavery which deprives the victim of the possibility to take the reins of your life because you live under external control. Freedom is one of the fundamental rights of every human being, a right which is connected with the condition of life of dignity. Trafficking in persons can acquire different forms and nuances showing a very unjust act in its fund. Behind some cases, there are also misleading job offers or even forced marriages.
In cases of human trafficking, victims are treated as objects and therefore treated under the power of the property right exercised by the operator in his duress. Trafficking shows, above all, a profound violation of the fundamental rights of persons. Therefore, at the social level, you must work to fight against this type of cases forever.
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