What is the Meaning & Definition of telecommunications

The concept of telecommunications is very present in the current at any level, personal or global context. Its relevance makes them suitable to starting from a general definition.
Thus, telecommunications means the set of transmission, emission or reception of signs through cables, electricity, or any electromagnetic system. The radio, television or mobile are examples of telecommunications systems.

With origins in the Greek word telos

The term telecommunications embodies two fundamental aspects. With the Greek prefix telos is referred to the distance and with the idea of communication we are indicating the need to share information. Thus, telecommunications are the set of technological support that allow humans to have information through a transmission medium that allows us to overcome the natural geographical distances.

The transmission medium

The transmission medium is the link of electrical or optical type between the transmitter and the receiver, being the point of union between the source and the destination. Exist between the means of transmission media-guided and non-guided; in the first channel which transmitted information of signals is a physical environment (via cable) and on a non-guided signals travel through radio frequency, i.e., air is the transmission medium. Media guided examples would be twisted pair type, cable coaxial and fiber optic cables. Examples of unguided media would be the microwave, satellite, radio waves or infrared rays.

Telecommunications Engineering

A telecommunications engineer is dedicated to design, manage, and maintain telecommunications links, whether voice, data or video. This engineering is based on Physics and mathematics as general knowledge related to very different specific fields: Electronics, power systems, digital communication, electromagnetic fields, optical communications telematics, among other fields.
These disciplines or areas are applicable to sectors such as television, radio, services of internet, telephony and military defense-related tasks.
It must be borne in mind that these sectors are in a process of continuous change and the permanent adaptation of telecommunications is necessary to improve security systems, infrastructures, virtual reality, or application development. The field of computer applications is one that displays a greater field (database, programming, production lines, etc.).
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