What is the Meaning & Definition of Susceptible

It is said and the susceptible term used when you want to refer to that something or someone is able to receive the effect or action that is indicated. For example, at the behest of the realization of a project, John tells his teammate that it is susceptible of improvement.
On the other hand, in the field of medicine, the Word also has a special use because is often used when you want to give is that a person or an animal do not possess any resistance against a particular infectious agent, being thus extremely exposed / to get a disease.
And the other uses, perhaps the most widespread and popular that it is attributed to the word, is one who says that likely is mostly fussy person who offends easily to any attitude or comments.
Meanwhile, can be such susceptibility, which makes such or which are regarded as capable, is due to a question already of the personality that accompanies the person in his life as a result of experiences or teachings, or arising from a particular event, for example, after a joke not able to fell well that she left her wound and then to any situation or opinion will feel touched or attacked.
Broadly speaking, susceptible people tend to be very fragile emotionally and have a very low self esteem, feeling the imperative need to always be the center of attention in the context in which they are found.
Almost always those who are susceptible and not in response to a concrete fact, have been object of education very demanding, which is not highlighted those positive issues but only errors, is crushing especially these.
Then, the consequence of this will be not accepting criticism, comments, even if they are made with good intention, because in those who are susceptible, sayings, comments, observations, deambularán without ceasing by the head, acting almost as a form of torture. Inevitably, they will be misinterpreted, even up to tend to respond with some aggression, where the most extreme.
The treatment of this type of condition is difficult and much more if there is an acceptance. In the case of having what we recommend is to try not to be thinking about what does hurt, but look forward and try to gradually increase self-esteem.
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