What is the Meaning & Definition of superstition

Superstition is the belief or the interpretation that a person done something or has an event for example, and that in no way can be explained via the reason, basically because it is attributed to the same source linked to the supernatural, magical, or to a parallel reality, among so many alternatives that are proposed when it comes to believing in the origin of superstition.
It is clear from the above and we affirm also by doubts, which superstition is a certainty that you have and that not may never explained by reason or find scientific evidence. I.e., it is because the supernatural wove their nets so that it happens and is and there is no proof of that process that triggered it, a spirit, destination, or planets that suddenly lined up like never before and allowed the event to occur.
A superstitious person will believe that he came to his house in the middle of a very strong rain storm only because it has his lucky rabbit's foot in the portfolio. Meanwhile, if the opposite happened, one day was stranded and could not return to his home by heavy rains, took place because just that day not wearing much appreciated leg.
As well as with an object to which someone clings and credited with an absolute and total power, also the superstitious deployed various actions which also assigned an incredible power, such is the case to pronounce a phrase, sentence or perform one spell, among others.
Western culture and the other cultures have a significant share of beliefs in various superstitions that were passed through generations, even people who are not so affected to believe them, just in case, some respect for fear that if it fails to do so immediately will drop you about his life a curse that will make that everything you do go wrong. I.e., there is a strong conviction that if superstition is not respected something bad will come and this, fear of punishment, is something that also emerged at the same install of superstition.

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