What is the Meaning & Definition of enforcement

The concept of enforcement leads to the field of law and justice to this being a public legal document which can be issued only justice in a situation of monetary or fiscal debt on the one hand to the other. The enforcement order is an important document that is used to resolve cases of this style, when a person, organization or institution has monetary debt with another part which can be private or can be even the same State, a community, a village
As it happens in other cases, the document known as enforcement has the main goal of solving a situation of debt monetary or material between two or more parties. Thus, the enforcement is considered as the final instance of wake up call and in the majority of cases means that State or justice are allowed, by means of its issue, take possession of movable or immovable property of the debtor party to resolve the dispute. In addition, can urge the debtor to commit to pay and comply with missing payments to that person or entity receiving no them correctly.
When the State or justice take possession of movable or immovable property of a debtor that has been quoted numerous times to pay and which did not, these goods tend to be sold through an auction to the highest bidder, which is neither the State nor justice who is in possession of them. In some cases, the debtor can solve the dispute before reaching the Executive title through the payment of its debts, but when this type of document is present and is issued, there is no turning back since it supposes nothing more and nothing less than taking into possession of the property.
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