What is the Meaning & Definition of argumentative text

Argumentative text, also known as argumentative discourse, is intended to express opinions about a topic, or failing that refute them, to persuade the audience to which the message is addressed.
The author or speaker is will be proposed through argumentative text demonstrate an idea which proposes, to refute any perception that he is at odds with their ideas and that was manifested by an opponent, for example, or may also want to persuade a public or receiver to do something or desist from behavior.
Well, those views are now part of an exhibition that just be proposed to expose them but will also provide a general context to locate, place the public in subject and in this way achieve the desired effect.
Argumentation a tool for everyday use
Argumentative text is present in the most varied fields, in science, in philosophy, in politics, in journalism, in justice, in advertising in different media of mass communication, discussions, and of course in everyday discussions that we have with our circle nearby, among others.
By this we mean that the argument is a matter which is part of our daily life and we both usually used as their hearers.
Parts of the argumentative text and elements of persuasion
In general an argumentative text is composed of the following parts... It begins with an introduction through which the issue arises and which seeks to capture the attention of the public.
In development, which is the next component, the arguments, the tests are presented and some issues that contribute to prove or disprove the thesis are interpreted.
Methodologies more current when presenting the arguments are: tests that can be checked, presentation of examples, the opinion of a person is exhibited authoritatively recognized in the matter either can appeal directly to the feelings of the receivers.
And the final part is the conclusion, in which meet the main arguments and the thesis proposal at the beginning.
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