What is the Meaning & Definition of electrical storm

The thunderstorm is one of the most common meteorological phenomena that occur on our planet, while it is characterized by the appearance of lightning and the sound of Thunder; When precisely electrical discharge that brings with it the lightning heats the air and then combined with the cold air will result in what is known as Shockwave that is causing the roar of Thunder.
Historically the rayo-trueno society have led to soaring fears among the people and therefore is that as soon as climatic conditions that anticipate this type of phenomenon can be seen or forecast announces its imminence is that people will seek refuge in places closed and repaired, which atemperen factors and consequences thereof.
For his part, young children are usually the most fearful of these storms by the very strong noise of Thunder and the electrical activity of the rays.
The intense humidity, which turns the environment is quite unstable, is a fundamental condition to trigger this type of storm.
But the lightning and Thunder, there is a third element that anticipates the arrival of storms to us or make us suppose that it will come and is the cumulonimbus clouds with enormous development in the vertical direction and which are both made up of a mass of warm, moist air that goes up to the sky as a spiral in rotation.
Also other climate phenomena such as wind, intense rainfall, hail and snow, often participate in a thunderstorm.
As is the case with other meteorological phenomena of intensity, electrical storm, can trigger tremendous consequences and damage against the physical integrity and material of the population which are affected.
The rays, for example, can be lethal if they reach a person and very destructive by some against housing. Fabulous electric shock they bring with them can immediately kill the person on which they fall. Case is before these weather conditions is recommended to people that removed the outdoors and to look for places to take shelter until you pass it.
Other issues that should be avoided are: talking on the phone, use appliances that are plugged, touch metal objects, get into the water, either at sea or in a swimming pool.
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