What is the Meaning & Definition see

The word is the term we use to refer to the sense of sight that we have human beings and animals, meanwhile, he is, along with the taste, hearing, smell and touch, one of most outstanding sensory provisions that we hold humans.
Thanks to the receptor organ of the eye we get impressions of light and these in turn are transmitted to the brain through the pathway involved in processing the information and turn it into images. Without the process of perception it would be impossible that we can perceive the shape of the objects, determine distances and also detect colors and movements that present things and people.
While all the senses displayed a very important paper, view, is what allows us to understand and know the environment that surrounds us.
Although the reference mentioned above is the most widespread use that is assigned to the word see, is noteworthy, that the term also we use it to account for so many other issues and situations in the slang such as: the perception that we get something, either with the intelligence or any of the senses; recognition with attention from a question discussed; the recognition that a person does on the physical state of another being; the visit that makes someone; the contemplation of a show; the found in certain State; Note that something or someone staying in the place indicated or known may be; anticipate a future made and prevent it; and as a synonym for such actions as: consider, judging, reflecting, among others.
Also, there are many popular expressions containing the word to see as being: to see (we use it when we ask someone to let us see or recognize something either to express curiosity), until you see more (is employs when it comes to say goodbye to someone who is believed will be seeing soon), must see (use it to indicate surprise and annoyance or to emphasize something) and see (to do something) ,
The above shows that the word view presents a very large and widespread use in our language.
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