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The term Dim is used to refer to those elements or phenomena considered soft, delicate or weak. The term Dim is an adjective of qualifying type and can be used both with a positive sense a negative sense depending on each particular situation, as well as the phenomenon to which reference is made.
We understand by Dim to everything that is delicate, weak, powerless. So, this adjective is very common use in specific occasions in which can be referred to such phenomena. One of the most common use of this term is that of photography, when speaking of a light or Dim colors that are reflected in the photograph as something delicate, not impacting the view if not rather the relax. Glimmer is normal in certain times of the day, especially when the Sun is not at its greatest point of altitude and therefore there is more darkness than light presence. The Dim colours are light colors that do not have as much power or force as others. Understood in this sense, the term Dim can also be used in painting or in other branches of art in which the lighting is important.
Another common use given the tenuous Word is one that relates to little and nothing the previous and that has to do with different phenomena. For example, is that a person has a subdued response to any act or situation, which is meaning that this response is not strong if not rather weak. Here is perhaps when the term Gets a somewhat negative sense by suppose that the people is left to mistreat or not defends himself.
In addition, Dim can also be many weather such as rain, fog, smog, spray, etc.
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