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The most popular martial art in the world

Taekwondo is without a doubt the most popular martial art in the world. Although it has an oriental origins, more precisely in Korea, where practice for a long time, we must emphasize that it has phenomenally spread West, where today is a very seated sports and are attributed to that very important physical, social and psychological benefits in people who practice it

Defense with predominance of leg attacks and jumps

To taekwondo it classifies it as a martial art with characteristics mainly defensive and that leg attacks and waterfalls unfold. It combines techniques from other arts such as kung fu and Karate-do.

A nothing casual denomination

The name of taekwondo is not casual or whimsical, but it is closely associated with the essence and characteristics that proposes this martial art... Tae means in its original language feet, meanwhile, kwon, refers to his fists and arms, and do, is an expression that shows the way to perfection, which is precisely the maximum stadium which can be achieved in this practice, the black belt that means perfection.

Belts, the progress in your learning brand

And apropos of the tapes we must point out that the distinction of this martial practice is obtained, participants who are advancing their learning and deployment and differentiates them through the colour Ribbon carrying as a belt over the white team's practice. The color in question is the indicator of the level in which the practitioner is.
The white color is the initial and it concerns purity, is followed by the yellow indicating the ground and the seed that will germinate soon in it, the Green Ribbon is the plant that will grow, Blue Ribbon is the tree that wants to reach the sky, the clear Red tree that blooms and finally the black, which is as already stated perfectly.
Now, with the black belt you will reach perfection in his practice but the martial artist can move forward in terms of grades to place maximum ninth DAN. The assessment to achieve this higher level will be carried out by a longtime instructor.

An Olympic martial art

The significance of taekwondo has pushed to the point of turning it into an Olympic martial art that precisely participates in the Olympic Games since 1988.
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