What is the Meaning & Theocentrism definition

God in the center of the scene and directing everything, even the human action

The theocentrism appoints a philosophical doctrine characterized by placing God at the center of everything that happens in the universe and also as his Regent, i.e. According to this current, Dios, is responsible for all as it occurs, including the actions of people are targeted by God.
Any explanation of an event, the theocentrism, found it at will and the divine decision. Nothing can explain away a divine reason. Science will of course be subject to God.

Installed with force in the middle ages and loses value in the Renaissance is imposed where the idea of man as a Center

We must emphasize that this proposal is installed with strength and absolute presence in the middle ages, although it was developed many centuries before, basically after the coming of Christ and that certainly dominated the scene in all aspects, meanwhile, with the arrival of the Renaissance would disappear because precisely with this movement became the opposite idea, that man is the center of the universe which is formally referred to as anthropocentrism.
From this historical stage the relevance of man grows, it is considered as operator of the reality and linchpin of the same and displaces the idea of God as the cause of everything. Or divinity does not lose presence but undoubtedly it is displaced to the background. Of course all this new concept would bring little many changes at different levels of life, in politics, in society, among others.
But back to its moment of greatest splendour, as we said was the middle ages. The vision of the Middle Ages was quite teocentrista. God was present in everything and of course there was also the Christian religion to give support to this key doctrine. This state of affairs conferred a primary importance to the representatives of the Church which would become cornerstones of this time and also in an elite of medieval society.
Therefore during this time it is to occur events such as the Crusades, which were those expeditions and military incursions carried out by Christians against Muslims in order to recover territories that were part of the Holy land.

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