What is the Meaning & What is scalene triangle

The triangle is a type of polygon whose distinguishing feature is that it is formed by three sides. A triangle is constructed by attaching three straight, which will be the sides of this geometric figure, while the aforementioned sides are in points called vertices.
The mentioned parties presenting the triangle, i.e., sides, vertices, and internal angles, are always present in a triangle and are conditions sine quanom of this geometric body.
There are two ways of classifying triangles, one that is linked to the extent that present their sides and the other depends on the amplitude that flaunt their angles.
The latter proposes the following types: rectangle (has a straight internal angle at which both sides called Hicks, determine it being the third side known as the hypotenuse), acute-angled (all three internal angles are acute, i.e. measure less than 90 °) and obtuse-angled (only one of its angles is obtuse, that is, measures more than 90 °).
Meanwhile, this generates the associated to the extension of the sides: equilateral, isosceles and scalene, type that will occupy us here.
The scalene triangle or also known as unequal triangle, is characterized because all sides have different extensions. In any triangle of this type there will be two angles that have measure. Then in this angle or angles or no identical sides.
But depending on the length, it is also feasible that we find two other types of triangles and scalenus and they are as an equilateral triangle, which is remarkable because its three sides are also the same as its angles that have a measure of 60 °.
And the triangle isosceles, only presents two sides with the same extension, while opposing sides angles have equal measure.
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