What is the Meaning & What is summer

The concept of summer is linked with the summer season, a season that in the northern hemisphere is linked with good temperatures, pleasant climate and the days off at work and at school. Thanks to this work and holiday rest, many families organize their summer (long vacation), visiting a beach or mountain.
It is also very common to travel to the village to visit the family. Holiday and leisure habits change in each family but are also, clearly changed by the economic circumstances of the time. In fact, those families that do not have enough resources to travel or who prefer to invest this money in a different order, enjoy of your varaneo in your own city.

Summer vacation

Make a relaxing getaway during the summer is a motivation for many workers who, for many months of the year, dedicated his time to plan your trip, imagining moments of happiness. The pace of life during the summer is totally different to the usual time: greater increase of social life, absence of job responsibilities, absence of immovable and rigid schedules and a greater disposition toward joy.
The summer is so pleasant for workers who even professionals also speak on the effects of the post-holiday syndrome. A syndrome that shows the difficulties facing by a worker in his new adaptation to the routine: difficulties of sleep, apathy, sudden changes of mood, fatigue and lack of motivation.

Time for family

The summer also becomes an opportunity to share more time with family and friends, being a time of year that many people recover lost time, returning to the contact with those friends who can not see so often during the rest of the year. Beach and swimming pool plans are frequent during the summer since becoming the perfect formula to combat high temperatures.
Summer marks the stark contrast with the winter when snow and cold draw a diametrically opposed to the summer climate. For this reason, the arrival of the pleasant climate of the summer becomes a highly anticipated Prize for many people so that, this season, is his favorite.
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