What is the Meaning & What is temporality

Temporality is a term which has two uses in our language. On the one hand, when we want to express the transience that observe things in life it is usual that we use this word.
Meanwhile, the salient characteristic of temporality is the quality of transient. The transitory, for its part, stands out especially for the conditions of transient, temporary, fleeting, ephemeral. For instance, when something, romantically involved, for example, takes very little time, i.e., begins and ends almost at the same time will be considered as transient.
What is considered as transient will not be in any permanent way or not eternal, then this is precisely because the distinctive feature of the permanent is that it endures and remains in time.
We have already mentioned the case of which one can keep in life and relationships that may be subject to this condition of temporality. But there are also activities that unfold in life and that can involve the temporality.
A case in point is the labour activity. It turns out to be recurrent in the working environment of the last few decades that employees hire them in the first instance as a temporary and then, if it is that it fulfills satisfactorily the tasks assigned and their behavior is according to expected, extends you a contract indefinitely.
Also, within this same context, it is common that temporary contracts are generated when a post or office holder employee requests leave for a few months for some medical reason or staff and then becomes necessary to occupy his post with another employee, which will hire in the conditions of temporality.
But the word that we are concerned also presents as we said in the beginning another reference given at the behest of the field of religion, since in this way will be called it that which is recognized as profane, disrespectful, or that it does not respect the sacred issues against the strictly religious but instead, confronts them and treated with irreverence.
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