What is the Meaning & What is torment

The suffering is part of life, however, this emotional pain can be experienced in different degrees. A severe moral pain shows the torment that is happening a person suffering a real emotional ordeal. The death of a loved one, economic problems, deep loneliness as a result of the lack of friends, illness, war, natural disasters...
This type of acute suffering refers to an episode that has a long duration of time since this temporal perspective also increases the calvary that produces the anguish of feel that sadness has no end. Racking may also be caused by the accumulation of a sum of adverse factors which despite being unjust cause a moral evil to the plaintiff and that in addition, produce a series of negative side effects.

A severe pain

For example, the torment of the long-term unemployment can cause social isolation, unmet basic needs, lack of self-esteem, anxiety and even depression. When a person feels a torment his soul feels a remarkable weight inside that prevents him from taking control on the emotional level that obstacle.
Racking shows the situation of difficulty facing someone who is mired in a moment of negativity. A person can also suffer torment as a result of the guilt that torment him. I.e., show remorse that person suffers when he is ashamed of having carried out certain action or experience contradictory feelings.
Racking may also be imposed externally to another person as punishment and inhuman suffering. For example, the victims of the nazi concentration camps suffered a real torment.
The torment suffered by a person can also be done consciously even through the unconscious as the suffering of the nightmares that alter the quality of sleep.

A musical instrument

Despite little musicality that has the concept torment when applied to his emotional side, the concept of torture also has a completely different meaning when referring to a musical percussion instrument. It has the form of a portable table. It is a musical instrument that can be touching directly with your hands. It is an accompaniment used in Chilean folk music instrument.

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