What is the Meaning & What is traceability

Traceability is a concept featured at the behest of the manufacture of products and services, communication and trade, and more precisely of the International Organization for Standardization, also known as ISO, which is the organization that deals with developing international manufacturing standards and standardize them so that the products and services, among others enjoy the highest security.
Then, in this context, traceability is a property of a standard measure, which is already linked to standards either local or imported, which are derived from a continuous series of comparisons of quality.
Also compete to traceability all those steps necessary and established that will meet various issues related to the product or service in question, such as its history, its geographical origin, their transfer in a chain of supplies, among others.
Now is possible to meet two types of traceability, on the one hand, the internal, which implies knowledge of the imprint that leaves in its wake a product internally in the company in which it is produced and that has to do with the realization of the same, as for example, how it is made, especially the raw materials containing , the machines used to shape it, different degrees of temperature that must traverse to its final formation, among others.
And on the other hand the external traceability, which is associated with issues that already exceed the terms of manufacturing such as the labelling of the packaging of the product.
The files known as ILE, which proposed a traceability of encapsulated type are standard proposal that contains and which enables sharing traceability. In the above, it is plausible to register the entire history of a product or service, its ingredients or components, processes to which has been subjected, the distribution points and their location on the planet.
An interesting peculiarity is that they can be modified with a specialized software.
The main advantage that traceability is to know for certain the origin and history that relates to a product x and as a consequence the possibility that the consumer is with products of quality and worth.
Noteworthy is that traceability and technology go hand in hand, since encrypted sensitive information from a product or service is provided with which requires special devices to decode the information.
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