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It is called widow or the person whose spouse has died and that despite having spent much the aforementioned loss not be has remarried, retains that status before the civil law of any country in the world.
Although nowadays as a result of the freedom that governs most of the orders of life and unlike the rigidity that prevailed in the past, widows or widowers, often, after a reasonable time (although never missing the exceptions to the rule, clear is, that they were on the lookout for this tragic outcome) remake their lives with other people , even marrying others, since the State of widowhood allows it without that mediate any judicial procedure as if it occurs in the case of separations in fact of both spouses, in the past not sooo far widowhood was a matter almost of State, more than anything when it was the husband who died, since they let the woman usually, housewife and without observing work paid some, without financial support with which to support their home and their children. For this is that it was very common for charities is encouraged for the absolute benefit of widows and their children so that they fall into a situation of extreme poverty in the absence of the man of the House.
In other societies, what was done, instead of organizing acts of charity, was granted widows some rights such as the administration of cooperatives to get an income in this way.
And in a plane strictly moral, also in the past, was highly recurrent that in some cultures, widows, them were with the greatest of respect and not to mention, as we said above, think about approaching them with an intention to little sancta or romance.
Meanwhile and beyond of what the term means applied to everyday reality, widows have enjoyed special attention and participation in the world of the Comic, since the mega company producing these, Marvel, included in many of their successful stories the character of the black widow who serves as agent in an organization Russian spy.
But on the other hand, at present, is often referred to as black widows to those women who attract and fall in love with designed and played tricks, usually older and single men, to then steal them.
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