Biography of Rosario Dawson

May 9, 1979
Isabel Rosario Dawson was born on 9 May 1979 in New York, the daughter of Isabel, a singer with Puerto Rican descent, and Greg, a builder. Grew up on the Lower East Side, in Manhattan, living in a palace was abandoned after a fire, and spends most of her childhood.

The studies

Attending the school, seems determined to pursue a career as a marine biologist, but already at the age of sixteen he approaches the world of acting: spotted on the street by director Larry Clark, has a major role in the controversial film "Kids". The film gets a substantial achievement, which convinces Rosario Dawson to continue along the path of career: for this, decides to enroll at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

The first films

In 1998 recite for Spike Lee in "He got game", which gets great feedback, and for Tony Gerber in "side streets" (original title: "Side streets"). The following year appears in the music video of The Chemical Brothers "Out of control" and an introduction to the reissue of 1999 "Prince" disc in addition to Outkast's song "epilogue" She lives in my lap ".

The early years 2000

After guest-starring on "a voice to scream" (original title: "Light it up") by Director Craig Bolotin, Rosario Dawson in 2000 appears in "crazy for you" (original title: "Down to you") by Kris Isacsson and in "King of the jungle", by Seth Zvi Rosenfeld. The following year, back to the movies in '' sidewalks of New York "(original title:" Sidewalks of New York "), Edward Burns, then appear in" Josie and the Pussycats ", by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Ang, and in" Trigger Happy ", by Julian West. Afterwards, located behind the camera Ethan Hawke in "Chelsea Walls" and Peter Mattei in "Love in the time of money", before returning to work with Edward Burns in "Ash Wednesday". Is 2002, when Dawson was part of the cast of the film "Men in Black II," by Barry Sonnenfeld, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, and "" (original title: "The first $ 20 million is always the hardest"), by Mick Jackson. Later, the actress finds Spike Lee in "the 25th hour" (original title: "25th hour"), then worked with Director Ron Underwood in "Pluto Nash" (original title: "The adventures of Pluto Nash"). In 2003 Rosario Dawson starred in "This girl's life", "the inventor of Fables" (original title: "Shattered glass") and in "the rundown" (original title: "The rundown"). Then, after guest-starring on "v-day: until the violence stops", Abbey Epstein, Roxanne, wife of Alexander the great, interprets in Oliver Stone's "Alexander", alongside Colin Farrell.

The blockbuster movies

In 2005 is back to cinemas with "Sin City," transposition of the graphic novel by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, where he plays the Hooker Gail, and with "This revolution", by Stephen Marshall; In contrast, theatre takes the stage of the Delacorte Theatre in New York, in Central Park, wearing the clothes of Julia in the musical directed by Galt MacDermot "The two gentlemen of Verona". At the same time, gives his aimed at HIV-positive exotic dancer Mimi Marquez, protagonist of the adaptation of the musical "Rent," directed by Chris Columbus (role which conquest was nominated for a Black Reel Award for best actress), and appears in "Little Black Dress", by Talia Lugacy. Rosario Dawson is leading a small cameo in the film by Rob Zombie, "the Devil's rejects" (original title: "The devil's rejects"), but her scene is cut to final assembly. In the spring of 2006 together with David Atchison makes the comic book "Occult crimes taskforce," while at the cinema is in the cast of "Clerks II", Kevin Smith, and "a guide to recognizing your saints" (original title: "A guide to recognizing your saints") novice, Dito Montiel. After having played and produced "Extrema-verging on revenge" (original title: "Descent"), Talia Lugacy, in 2007 working with Quentin Tarantino in "Grindhouse-death proof". The following year appears in the film of Mark Webber "Explicit ills" and Gabriele Muccino "seven souls" (original title: "Seven pounds"), starring Will Smith. In addition, became the face of TripAdvisor's philanthropic program "More than footprints", involving also Save The Children and the National Geographic Society.

The years 2010

Actress in "Eagle eye" by D.J. Caruso and "Killshot" by John Madden, in 2010 is at the cinema with "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: the lightning thief" (original title: "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: the lightning thief"), Chris Columbus (for this role she was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Movie Actress: Fantasy), and the following year starred for Frank Coraci in "zookeeper" (original title : "Zookeeper"). In 2012 he works with David Barrett in "Fire with Fire", and in 2013 is in the cast of "don't leave me alone" (original title: "Gimme shelter") by Ron Krauss. In 2014, again with Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez returns to the big screen with "Sin City-a woman to kill" (original title: "Sin City: a dame to kill for") and Diego Luna is performer of "Cesar Chavez", starring Michael Pena, who plays the role of American trade unionist and activist Cesar Chavez, known for having founded the National Farm Workers Association.
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