Biography of Victor Emmanuel of Savoy

Real scandals

February 12, 1937
He was born in Naples, on February 12, 1937 and Vittorio Emanuele Alberto Carlo Teodoro Umberto was named Bonifacio Amedeo Damiano Bernardino Gennaro Maria. Vittorio Emanuele is the only son of the last King of Italy Umberto II and Queen Maria José. Bride Marina Ricolfi Doria, former champion of swimming and tennis, the day January 11, 1970, curiously in Las Vegas, in a civil ceremony. Almost two years later, on October 7, 1971, get married by religious ceremony in Tehran, after disagreements with his father due to his wife's unprofessional sources. The couple has a son: Emanuele Filiberto. The heirs of the Savoy family are divided between the recognized as head of the House Amadeus of Savoy, married Yes with a noble-but the marriage will be annulled by sacred Rota in 1987-and Vittorio Emanuele.
In these discussions we must add historic rivalries that depart from afar, it is documented that the father of Amadeus of Savoy had agreements with the Nazi regime in order to establish a monarchy, he was loyal to Hitler's regime. So between cousins is never past bad blood. An episode which shows that the voltage is still current was when, in May 2004, the two have come to blows, at the wedding of Felipe of Spain (future heir to the Throne) and joy. The constitutional norm that obliged the male heirs of the House of Savoy to exile from Italy is removed in 2002.
Vittorio Emanuele which until then had been living in Switzerland, can return to Italy. In the years preceding the return of Vittorio Emanuele's image is not the best: seems naïve in falling into some gaffes during statements made to Italian television. For example, during an interview in 1997, refuses to apologize for signing a Savoy, who in the past was conducive to racial laws. Vittorio Emanuele clarifies "I wasn't born" adding also that those laws "weren't so terrible." In 2002 will officially distance themselves from racist laws-first time in the history of the House of Savoy-through a statement released from Geneva. Victor Emmanuel's life is marked by scandals that go beyond the gossip.
In the years ' 70 is investigated before the pretura di Venezia for international traffic in arms (the judge Carlo Mastelloni); then is the Prefecture of Trento who opens a case (continuation from judge Carlo Palermo) which is then transferred to the District Court of Rome, due to the connotations and political implications. Preliminary investigations end with a not to prosecute for an obvious lack of the elements. In August 1978, near the island of Cavallo (Corsica), Vittorio Emanuele is under the influence of alcohol when during a fight with the billionaire Nicky Pende, shoot some gunshots. A short distance away, in a nearby boat, was sleeping German student 19 years Dirk Geerd Hamer, son of Ryke Geerd Hamer (German physician and theologian, founder of "Germanic new medicine"). One of the rounds fired reached the young: will die after a long agony in December next.
At the end of the 1991 Vittorio Emanuele is acquitted by "indictment Chamber" from the charge of voluntary manslaughter; ballistic examinations shall verify that the young man died as a result of a wound procured for him by a gunshot; the Prince is acquitted with full formula, however, is sentenced to six months in jail on parole, for abusive port of firearms. Vittorio Emanuele is then found to be subscribed to the Masonic lodge P2 Licio Gelli, 1621 card. His last judicial adventure is June 16, 2006: the judge for preliminary investigations Alberto Iannuzzi power Court, at the request of the public prosecutor Henry John Woodcock, orders the arrest of Victor Emmanuel of Savoy on charges of conspiracy against corruption and false, and with conspiracy to exploitation of prostitution. Vittorio Emanuele is picked to champion of Italy (town in the province of Como, known for its casinos) along with Mayor Roberto Salmoiraghi historian. It is later acquitted of all charges with full formula.
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