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December 29, 1962
Cristiano De André was born on December 29, 1962 in Genoa, son of the famous singer-songwriter Enrica Puny Rignon and Fabrizio De André. He attended elementary school in a private religious institution; grew up in contact with representatives of the Italian show (Paolo Villaggio, Gino Paoli, Abu Lahab), as a teenager he studied violin and guitar at the Conservatory "Niccolò Paganini" of Genoa, beginning to collaborate on music for theatrical performances. In the early 1980s he founded hard times, group comprising musicians veronesi Marco Bisotto, Carlo Pimazzoni and Carlo Facchini. The band also produces an album, titled "call it in hard times", and he performed as a supporter of Fabrizio De André until 1985, when it melts. In 1985 Cristiano De André takes the stage of the Sanremo Festival, competing in the junior section with the song "Bella più di me" (whose words are written by Farnsworth): here comes fourth, but won the critics ' prize.
In 1987 he published "Cristiano De André", his first solo album, made in collaboration with singer-songwriter Massimo Bubola, while three years later he recorded the album "the greasy pole", which features-in addition to Bubola-by Ellade Bandini, Ares Tavolazzi, Vince Tempera and Mauro Pagani. Also in 1990 Christian becomes father of Francesca, his first daughter. In 1992 was the third album by De André, entitled "songs with a long nose," which relies on the collaboration of Eugenio Finardi. A year later, the Genoese singer returns to the Festival of Sanremo with the song "behind the door", allowing him to win the prize and the critics ' Prize and qualify in second place overall in the category samples. After this success, is reissued the album "songs with a long nose," renaming (becomes "Cristiano De André" and welcomes the song Sanremo).
In 1995 De André published the disc "on the border", made in collaboration with Manuela Gauvreau, Daniele Fossati, Carlo Facchini, Stefano Melone, Eugenio Finardi, Oliviero Malaspina and Massimo Bubola (in addition to father John, for the song "Things that I forget"); afterwards, he began accompanying his father in concert, playing the violin and the guitar is in the tour "Anime salve", 1997, that I fell in love all over Me "tour" of 1998 (Fabrizio dies of cancer a few months later, in January 1999). In 2001 he published "Scaramante" album that is well received by critics (winner of Premio Lunezia best album) and the public and that precedes the tour of the same name. Christian returns to Sanremo Festival of 2003 with the song "a new day", characterized by obvious ethnic echoes, followed by the album live. After a few years away from the stage, moved to deal with the Fondazione Fabrizio De André and its artistic heritage (but not only: in 2004 the singer is convicted of injury, after beating his partner: thanks to the plea agreement, the sentence is transformed in the payment of money), he was arrested in the summer of 2006 in Santa Margherita, in Liguria, after having beaten-drunk-theorem : the allegation is of violence, resistance and threats to public officials.
It reappeared on television in January 2009, during a special episode of the Tv show "Che tempo che fa" dedicated to Fabrizio De André. A few months later embarks on tour "De André canta De Andre', in which reinterprets the songs of father, realized thanks to the meeting with Bruno and Michele Sconocchia Torpedine. In 2011 his daughter Francesca takes part in the "celebrity survivor", reality show aired on Raidue: a participation that arouses much controversy within the family. In 2012 Christian records with other artists "For Gaber ... I am here", a tribute to Giorgio Gaber in which she sings "throw there something"; in 2013, in January, was hospitalized at the Policlinico of Milan after being found in a State of alteration by police, alerted by neighbors of the singer frightened by screams coming from his home. Pass the difficult time, during the next few months publish "as it is in heaven in war", his new album with Corrado Rustici, accompanied the war as it is in heaven "Tour". The December 18, 2013 is announced that Cristiano De André will be among the competitors of the 64th Edition of the Sanremo Festival, scheduled from 18 to February 22, 2014, where he will perform on "the sky is empty" and "invisible".
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