What is the Meaning & Definition of Instagram

The technological revolution we are living for a few years now has done that in our language are incorporated new terms, concepts, which precisely designated or referred to many of the innovations that arise at every moment in this aspect.
Meanwhile, Instagram, is one of those many concepts that emerged associated to the social media revolution. Because Instagram is precisely one of the most used social networks today whose main function is to allow the user to share photos with his followers both in it and in the rest of the most widespread social networks in the world, such as Twitter, Facebook, among others.
We recently designed a new version that allows to record video for a few seconds, with very good definition and even moving images.
Among its most salient features are two: allows you to add to the photos taken fun effects while the appearance of the photo brings the novelty of a square or rounded format in its vertices which is not common in the rest of the mobile camera application.
Although it was designed to be used exclusively through Iphone devices, the enormous popularity that achieved since its establishment there for the year 2010 has generated that you think an alternative to Android, so popular system by the way.
Instagram app is easy to add to the phone smart and totally free. According to the Smartphone that is available is you can downloaded from the App Store (Iphone, Ipod) or Google Play (Android system).
At present, its owner and developer is the social networking site Facebook. As we know, Facebook is a giant who has managed to acquire all these new applications that manage to settle both in people. Recently stayed with the chat system Whats Up and in 2012 had already done so with Instagram. Meanwhile, the young developers Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom are the inventors of Instagram.
Of course that when Mark Zuckerberg put his hands on Instagram new privacy policies and innovations, it was such as screenshots labelling, something as common Facebook. All this was so well received by users that not paparon join more and more becoming today a community of 100 million.

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