What is the Meaning & Definition of instant

Time is part of life, in fact, the temporal perspective of existence is object of philosophical reflection at the human level. One of the greatest mysteries of the time is the fleeting nature of the moment, the speed with which spend happy moments that soon pass into past.
The moment is a brief period of time. However, that a moment is a brief period of time does not mean to be insignificant since there are many important things that can occur in an instant.

Fleetingness of time

They are so many moments that make up the life of the human being, so many memories that only some of those moments leave an indelible mark on the heart.
They are those who connect with affective memory by a special souvenir. Throughout life there are moments of love, personal moments marked by sadness, situations of professional success, moments of fear, times marked by the joy and hope...
Subjectivity in the way of appreciating the time also shows how the paradox of feeling like an instant is eternal while another, seems to fly at the speed of light can be produced. The moments of fear, pain and suffering seem longer than those that are marked by immense happiness in which the person has the desire to stop time, to pause in the life clock to catch that moment. However, this human desire is impossible.

The law of time

Life could represent a form of metaphorical by a line which is composed of a constant present that they show a succession of moments that show a causal line.
From the point of view of happiness, it is very important to learn how to live more pending in the now because the present shows the reality of the time while the past shows the value of the memory and the future represents the hypothesis of what can happen.
The passage of time is a transcendent reality to the human being, nobody can do anything to stop his own life clock. However, if it can endow at the time through their freedom of the creativity necessary to add color to each moment to the beat of the illusion.

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