What is the Meaning & Definition of integrated

The word integration is a Word normally used to express the following actions, on the one hand, that by which the parts of a whole are formed and also that from which it is possible to complete, with parts missing, a whole. Therefore it is that you it's a term that allows us to realize the union, combination of something or several parts, with a whole. Meanwhile, that something and that everything can be elements, people, things, among others.
In the case of individuals, when it comes to precisely integrate people at the social level, such issue is usually related to give to a particular sector of society that is for x reason without privileges, a better social position, i.e., incorporate it through various strategies, proposals and policies, to the whole, so that you can begin to enjoy the same rights that he holds the rest.
Normally, the action of integrating, usually primary part of the policies of the Nations and clear, as we mentioned, have the Mission of providing you those forgotten sectors a better reality and of course a better future that allows them at some point stand out in any aspect.
Always, whatever the background circumstances that prevail, integration will add to enjoy a harmonious society and in which prime peace, because when all of its components are part of the whole and enjoy the conditions, hard, controversial situations are generated.
Likewise, when we incorporate a whole to begin to form an integral part of the same, one speaks in terms of integrating. Our sector is going to integrate to the fight that is taking place the rest of the trade union organization to which we belong.
There are several synonyms related to this term, while one of the most widely used is the incorporate, which concerns precisely the union of two or more things, objects, people, among others, so that they conform to all together a whole. Meanwhile, break down and separate concepts are those who directly opposed to this term because they indicate otherwise, the disintegration of the elements that make up a whole.

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